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I am SO glad you are here! My name is Kayla Jones and I am the heart behind this wonderful community.

I am a freckled, California native, living in the big state of Texas with my sweet husband, Nikko.

I am a creative, passionate foodie, and a true flower child. My favorite method of self-care is my yoga practice, it is a journey that is very dear to my health journey. I'm the girl that is always extending hugs, will cry with you, and will always do something ridiculous just to make you laugh.

I am all about taking care of yourself and approaching things holistically, in a healthy way, and that radiates in everything that I do. 

I am excited to interact and hopefully meet all of you one day, and I hope you feel loved while you're here.

If you would like to book a wellness consultation, or have Kayla speak at your next event. Please reach out below. She would love to speak with you!

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