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Soul and Grace is a movement focused on approaching how you care for yourself; mind, body, and spirit in a holistic way. 


It's about taking care of your SOUL: expressing self-care and self-love internally and externally. This means how you view yourself, the things you put on/into your body, and the words you allow to settle into your mind. 


It's about approaching life with GRACE and passion. Being kind to yourself, realizing that perfection should not be the ultimate goal, and celebrating life in every season, knowing that there is still joy even in the mundane.


In this space, you will see my personal journey unfold; messiness and all. By sharing I hope that it will assure you that you are not alone and also help you alongside your journey as well. 


My desire is that this will be a safe place of  health, healing, transparency, and community for everyone who reads this. A space to truly celebrate FREEDOM.

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